Creativity – what is your inspiration?

Creativity is part of change and change itself. But where does inspiration for creativity come from?

In this promo for the ‘e.g. conference’, artists and other creative people were asked this question.

In response they talk about expressing themselves, making connections and finding inspiration in e.g.:

–  ‘showing people what they can’t see for themselves’

– ‘everything’

– ‘history’

– ‘other people’s stories’

– ‘films’

– ‘helping visually impaired children’

– ‘solving problems that have been unnoticed or unsolved for a long time’.

‘Creativity is the way we make change.’ ‘Creativity is important for the survival of our species.’ ‘Creativity doesn’t happen in a mental desert.’

Learning is a creative act, and learning with and through others is creative.  As you learn you change the way you see the world and change the way you interact with the world.

More inspiration? What do you see . . . 

Have a look at this other ‘e.g.’ video:  ‘What do you see?’. More inspiring individuals talk about the power of seeing. I think the passion of others is delightful, inspiring and catching.  As Albert Einstein is supposed to have said: ‘Creativity is catching. Pass it on.’


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