Creative teams

The literature tells us that there is a difference between supporting effective teams,  supporting creative teams, and one more – supporting creative teams working online (e.g. Chamakiotis et al 2013). Context is always important.

Have you worked in a creative team? Do you know the challenges and the pressure? How do you rate as a creative team member? Perhaps you have many tips and hints for those new to the task. If you do, please add your comments to this blog!

Mark Brown has some hints for creative teams. He’s watched some teams and says it’s important to strategically step back and let the team thrive. Support others so you get where you need to go, but at the same time don’t allow good ideas to get brushed aside.

Tom Wujec has some insights from the now famous spaghetti and marshmallow design team challenge. The big lesson from the Wujec’s challenge is that rapid prototyping is the way to go. Be prepared to fail and try again, and fail and try again, and again. Be prepared to sacrifice a few marshmallows.

Tom Wujec; Build a tower, build a team


Chamakiotis, P., Dekoninck, E. A., & Panteli, N. (2013). Factors influencing creativity in virtual design teams: An interplay between technology, teams and individuals. Creativity and Innovation Management, 22(3), 265-279.



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