Passion and numbers

Creative teachers are passionate. This mathematician, Dr James Grime, is a great example. You can see he loves his numbers so much that he has to share that excitement. Checkout his passion for numbers in this episode of Numberfile. 82,000 is a particularly interesting number, apparently.

Another mark of excellent and creative teachers is their ability to explain concepts clearly. In the second video Dr Grime explains the mathematical problem that is key to the action in the film Good Will Hunting. Grime reckons you can solve this problem at home. Supposedly this problem took the MIT professors in the film two years to solve, but Grime says no, it’s not that difficult. Well, it depends who’s tackling the problem of course and how clear thinking they are and how much persistence and patience they have.

It’s interesting to watch Grime talk through the problem solving process which involves lines and dots. He gets so much fun out of it. I’m sure he and Sherlock Holmes would have enjoyed problem solving together.

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