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Body Stories: Queensland University of Technology & Widening Participation

dancerBody Stories was a  “series of collaboratively facilitated workshops, engaging participants in story, dance, film, music composition and choreographic practice, and culminated in performances in local and city cultural venues.”

It ran for 18 months and it was about “the exploration of the individual and the unique stories contained within, written on and about the body.”

This is great example of creative collaboration involved  a university (Queensland University of Technology), a high school (Tullawong State High School) and the community (senior citizens).  It was an intergenerational, involved multiple art forms, and connected students from years 8 to 12  and their teachers with local senior citizens and artistic experts. The collaboration was supported by two bodies: Arts Queensland and Education Queensland.

Lessons learned

The project leaders built on lessons learned from previous collaborative projects, as all good creative endeavours do. Things that contributed to the success included:

1.        Appropriate partnerships which effectively linked the right people
2.        Expertise in aesthetics, education, project management, and facilitation
4.        Community Cultural Brokerage – this was the university facilitating connections between arts teachers and arts experts
5.        Administrative support and infrastructure
6.        Realistic time frames

Image: Cameron Cassan
CC via Wikimedia Commons 

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