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good egg2I was a PhD student at QUT, Queensland University of Technology, in the Creative Industries Faculty when I started this blog. My goal was, and still is, to share ideas about creative and excellent learning and teaching. I’m interested in how teachers in higher education go about being creative. How do they promote students’ creativity? What kind of a mindset do you need for this?  I’m exploring designing with creativity, and designing for creativity. I’m also interested in the role of new digital technologies (ICTs) in this space: how do they impact the design process? My intention is to post as the muses wake the writing spirit within (hmmm – or should that be ommmmmm?)


When I was a PhD student, a fellow PhD student and I classified ourselves as meerkats. We would lurk in our burrows, only coming out now and again to forage for food but carefully avoiding hazards  – such as marauding eagles (those who might steal our ideas before we finally got that thing called a thesis submitted, and papers published). But as they say in the world of creativity: allow for risk and control the hazards.

lone Meerkat_wikimedia

Image: picture of the day on Wikimedia Commons (Nov 2010).
Creative commons, Wikimedia, Fir0002

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