Sustainable education – and a touch of creativity

Education that is sustainable certainly needs an input of creative thinking, problem solving and problem reframing.

Professor Paul Kim, from the Stanford Graduate School of Education is a man after my own heart. Professor Kim has long had an interest in technology and education, and his model for educational design, for teaching now and in the future, focuses not just on the technology, but on the whole picture. This means including the idea of sustainability.

Kim talks about designing “learnable moments”, not just about distributing hardware to students in need. He also encourages inspiring students “with wisdom” – using our creative approach to education to work towards sustainability. It’s no good giving students new technology unless we have a creative plan for how that technology can be continued into the future, based on their needs and context.

He uses the ADDIES model for educational design – Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation and Sustainment.

To put this into action we need creative problem finding, creative problem solving, and a willingness to take risks and live with uncertainty. And that’s only the start.

Paul Kim – Designing a new learning environment