Emerging from the swamp

Welcome to Teaching creativity and teaching creatively!Yes, it is all about me and the thesis.

I’m a PhD student in the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology in sunny, sub-tropical Brisbane, Australia. I’m 18 months into my candidature and finally emerging from the swampy wet lands of the initial confirmation stage where I have been designing my research approach and immersing myself in the literature. I’m now looking for solid ground so I can kick off my research and get that data gathering happening. I have a set of case studies planned and there’s some survey data to be added to  the mix.


I’m looking into creativity – how the best teachers in higher education develop their students’ creativity, and how they themselves teach creatively. What motivates these excellent teachers? How do they think about creativity? What can we learn from these teachers and their students? How does the technology they use impact on their efforts to foster creativity?

TED ideas worth spreading: The Creative Spark playlist
I’ll use this space to reflect on my research and share ideas and resources with like-minded researchers and teachers. To initiate that process, the TED talks are a good place to start, and the TED playlist called The Creative Spark is a heartfelt collection of videos which I like going back to. They provide insights from novelists such as Elizabeth Gilbert and Amy Tan talking about where creative genius resides and hides, to Ken Robinson’s thoughts on the role of schooling and kids’ creative futures, and David Kelley’s motivating speech about self efficacy, purpose and creative confidence.

Please post your comments and share resources – otherwise I’m sitting here, chatting away to myself, as usual, the crazy PhD student, staring at my digital future . . .